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Book Tag: Top Ten Book Covers


Book cover is the first thing I notice about a book (although we are told never to judge a book by its cover but hey!). Cool font of the title especially if it is written in gold or silver and embosed to top it off is my weakness. Book cover gives you the feel of the story it tells without even reading it. When you see fairies on the title you know its a fantasy. A blood-dripping knife or a smoke releasing gun tells you its a thriler and then there are book covers with pictures of cute people or sad people that emanates gloominess and you know at the instant that this story is going to break your heart.
So yeah I am a sucker for beautiful book covers. Any book cover that reflects the story it carries has got to be my favorite.

Here are my Top Ten Book Covers:

10. The Bone Witch: The intricate detailing is so pretty and the skull under the title adds spookiness.


9. The Covenant Series: These smokey images of flowers on dark background look so stunning. Don’t they? Also the colors are lovely.


8. The Midnight Dance: This cover is amazing! How beautifully a clock is shown as the dress of the dancing girl. The detailing is perfect. Look how her hands are postitioned at 12 o’clock like they are the hands of clock. Impressive!!!


7. Certain Dark Things: I love masks πŸ˜‰ and this cover makes me think this story is going to be really dark and mysterious.


6. A Shadow Bright and Burning: The idea of showing smoke in turquise color is fascinating!


5. Toward a Secret Sky: I don’t get any idea from the cover what this book is about but the sky in four colors and the rose symbol make this book look intrguing. The reverse font of the title with swirls make it look more interesting.


4. The Language of Thorns: Wow! It is so gorgeous. All the thorny vines and color contrast give this book “an ancient book” look.


3. A Thousand Pieces of You: Smitten! Speechless!


2. Caraval: When I first saw the cover of Caraval I was like “omg! I want this book even if the story sucks.” Yeah like I said I fall for book covers, the pretty ones only πŸ˜‰


1. Heartless: Just wow! I have this feeling like this cover is going to be my all-time favorite. The black background adds the element of mystery. The letter “t” of Heartless is written as a sword with a crown over it. The vines with thorns and rose buds tells us there is going to both harshness and softness of love in this book. This cover is so symbolic as the red color also smbolizes as blood. Okay I just need to stop here before I spoil it for those who haven’t read the book yet.


So do tell me in the comments if you fall for pretty book covers too or not. Tagging a few of my favorite book bloggers to do the Top Ten Book Cover tags.

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If I have not tagged you but you want to do this awesome book tag, consider yourself tagged and please ping me back so I can see what are your favorite book covers.



25 thoughts on “Book Tag: Top Ten Book Covers

  1. These are such awesome choices! The Bone Witch is one of my faves too, but I don’t own it yet so I won’t put it on my list πŸ˜… Thank you for tagging me! I can’t wait to compile my top 10 😏

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  2. Thank you πŸ™‚ Yeah the cover of The Bone Witch is favorite of many. It was a a big hit right after the cover reveal. And I am already waiting to see your post ☺ I might find new lovely book covers I still don’t know about. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Lol- well, only a few books I REALLY like. When Barns and Noble came out with new hardcover SPARKLY editions of the Hobbit an Pride and Prejudice, what could I do? And then there was the Lord of the Rings set with Alan Lee illustrations…

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  4. First thing first: I lopve your blog and its graphics! Second as I am a cover junkie I love all the covers that you chose! Following you now πŸ˜‰

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  5. Please do this tag. I am tagging you and looking forward to see what are your top ten book covers. Wait I will comment on your post so you will keep seeing my comment in your notifications and not forget about this book tag πŸ˜‰

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  6. Thanks for tagging me! I was already planning on doing a post like this (because I’m a sucker for a pretty cover) but now I have another reason to do it!
    I adored the covers you’ve mentioned! When I saw the covers of Caraval and The Bone Witch I immediately wanted to read them! I’m still super intrigued by Certain Dark Things, and I adored The Language of Thorns!

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  7. Pretty book covers are so important – anyone who says they don’t care about them is lying! Haha. Omg The Bone Witch is such a beautiful book. When I was reading it I would get it out of my bag just to show it off to whoever I was with. Not even kidding.

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  8. These are all really great choices! I don’t always like more minimalist cover designs like the one for Heartless, but it really works for that book. I also am kind of bummed I didn’t like A Thousand Pieces of You too much because the covers for the series are amazing.

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