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Book Review: Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen




Title: Herding Cats (Sarah’s Scribbles)
Author: Sarah Andersen
Genre: Graphic Novel / Comics
Pages: 112
Published: March 27, 2018


My Rating:

5 stars PicsArt_06-03-01.44.45



                      Read. Laugh. Repeat.

Yes thats exactly what I did while reading Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen.
This comic is hilarious and very relatable. I could relate to so much in this comic as if Sarah has written exactly about how I feel and what I would say and do in that particular situation.

I am sharing some of my favorite comic strips. I hope you too have a good laugh like I had.

Guilty. I don’t know where does all my time go.


Honestly, why this happens all the time?


I am my own favorite 😉


Yup. Been there.


Lol, I still wanna punch her in the face.


Introvert has never been defined better than this.


Why though?


Did you enjoy reading these comics? Which one did you like most? Answer in comments.



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