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Soul That Lives Within

  I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within. - Rumi Have you ever wondered we are not just physical beings? We cater so much to our physical needs (eating, sleeping, working tirelessly for our careers etc) that we forget there is more to us than… Continue reading Soul That Lives Within

Candid Thoughts

Buried Alive

  Wide awake at night With shattered heart I finally decided to make the first move   Dialed your number with trembling fingers Contemplating all the words I wanted to say to you All the hurt and pain I longed to pour out to you   Anticipation, dread and fear Clutched my heart The room… Continue reading Buried Alive

Candid Thoughts

The Desire

Candid Thoughts

Reborn: Self-Therapy

When nothing makes you happy When you get irritated by the very things that once used to bring peace to your mind When you start to see the true colors of people When you start to see the ugly and rotten souls of people When you begin to hate the air that you breathe in… Continue reading Reborn: Self-Therapy