About Me


  • I am a bibliophile. I love reading books and listening to music. I love discussing books and their characters with my friends.
  • I have masters degree in Biotechnology (genetic engineering, cloning and stuff).
  • I am an ambivert so yeah it is a bit difficult for me to open up to people. Even though I am friendly, I take a lot of time in making friends but once I become friends with someone I stay with them for the lifetime.
  • I have a good sense of humor and I can be very sarcastic at times (especially when I am in good mood and then I joke around/tease a lot).

And now let me shed some light on why I created this blog!

Words, books and colors. Yes, that’s exactly how I would like myself and my blog to be introduced.
Words because they are magical and that is how I want to connect to you.
Books because they are my safe haven.
Colors because they invigorate me.
So, you will be seeing a lot of book reviews, images and my favorite quotes on this blog. Plus some other random blog posts on arts and crafts and (may be) DIYs too.