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ARC Book Review: Whisper by Lynette Noni

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Title: Whisper
Author: Lynette Noni
Genre: Young adult
Pages: 320
Published: May 1, 2018


My Rating:

5 stars




“Lengard is a secret government facility for extraordinary people,” they told me.

I believed them. That was my mistake.

There isn’t anyone else in the world like me.

I’m different. I’m an anomaly. I’m a monster.

For two years, six months, fourteen days, eleven hours and sixteen minutes, Subject Six-Eight-Four — ‘Jane Doe’ — has been locked away and experimented on, without uttering a single word.

As Jane’s resolve begins to crack under the influence of her new — and unexpectedly kind — evaluator, she uncovers the truth about Lengard’s mysterious ‘program’, discovering that her own secret is at the heart of a sinister plot … and one wrong move, one wrong word, could change the world. (Goodreads)



“Words are too precious to throw around carelessly.”

Stranger Things meets X-men meets The Divergent in this ah-mazing book! Just imagine!


This book got me glued to it and I absolutely loved everything about it. The plot, the story, the characters, writing style, and most importantly the mystery it creates! Omg!

We are introduced to a mysterious girl who is silent since don’t know when. She is at a secret research facility, Lengard, for almost three years where she is called 684. They also gave her a fake name Jane Doe because she refuses to give them any info about her including her name. She is told that Lengard is a place for extraordinary children like her. She is experimented on and tortured just to get anything out of her but she is one tough cookie. One day, the Director of the facility warned her that if she won’t respond or co-operate with the evaluators within a month, she will be removed from the program. As her last chance, she is assigned to a new evaluator Landon Ward and that’s when things start to change. In a state of panic she utters some words and strange things start to happen. Stranger things come ahead as you read it because guys! I don’t want to give any spoiler just so the illusion of this wonderful world created by Lynette Noni doesn’t break. Trust me when I say, go into this book blind. The lesser you know the better and get ready to hooked on it until you devour it in one sitting.

Lynette Noni has done a great job. Her wtiting style is superb. The world building is great and all the characters are awesome! Each character has a distinct personality. It feels like you are seeing everything how each character is talking, walking, smiling, acting etc.

When I read a book I hardly remember the names of side characters but with Whisper I have a list of my favorite side characters. Enzo is the sweet guy and I loved his sense of humor. Cami is so adorable and huggable. Keeda is sassy. Ward is that mysterious guy you would never know what he is upto but he will melt your heart with his dimpled smile. Kael is just awesome! He radiates an aura of strength and power yet he is super caring and considerate. Now the character I really wanted to punch in the face – Vanik. I hate Vanik! Just so you know, after Voldemort, Vanik is my most hateable character.

Lynette Noni has created a masterpiece of a book with living and breathing characters in an amazing world that feels so real. I could even see the places in my head so clearly. I walked side by side in the dead white corridors with Jane Doe. I got exhauseted while running after her in the catacomb. Even her cell where she was imprisoned gave me chills. My most favorite scene from the book is:

“I have never seen such a beautiful sight. So many words. So many wonders.”

Yes! You get it right! Reader’s paradise!

And the ending….. omg! I want next sequel now…right now!


Cover Art

The cover art is simply amazing. We see the face of a girl with eyes open amd staring directly at you. There is an element of mystery and wonder on her face. Her eyes are blue and her lips are pink and other than that we don’t see any colors. The title of the book Whisper is written accross her lips. Just perfect!



I absolutely loved it. This is a must read for fans of X-men and Stranger Things. If you are a fan of X-man and Stranger Things you are definitely going to like it and even if you are not a fan, you are still going to love it for its strong plot, awesome characters, the suspense it creates and how fast-paced it is. It will make a great movie too. (Yo Netflix! 21st Centuray Fox! You hear that). This book is the one everyone will be talking about this year so go get your copies today.


An eARC of this novel was provided by the publishers Pantera Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 



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