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ARC Book Review: The Heart Made of Ashes by Hira Naz Sulehri



Title: The Heart Made of Ashes
Author: Hira Naz Sulehri
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 60
Published: May 31, 2020




My Rating: 

3 three half stars



A collection of poems that are meant to find their ways to the hearts of people who are broken, hurt, and alone. These poems are here to give you solace. The poems in this collection speak about the darkness a heart can go through. The darkest places, the darkness of mind and soul where one can no longer feel anything and then we find the light, the ray of hope. This is all the poems are about. Darkness, loneliness and hope in between.

(from Goodreads)



The Heart Made of Ashes is a poetry book with 60 poems; some of which have illustrations. Most poems have free verses while others have rhythmic scheme.

With her poems, the poetess takes us on a journey of emotions and experience of a young girl who tasted the bitterness of life through masked lies, betrayal of loved ones and heartbreak. These poems are about the journey of a girl who penned down her anxiety, depression and loneliness so she can draw strength and find peace from her own written words.

You will see her transition from a fearful little girl to a fierce woman who is not afraid to speak up for herself and cut the ties because she knows silence is a crime. She refuses to be caged and gives her dreams wings of raven.

This book is more like her personal diary where she has written her experience and collected bittersweet memories in form of poems. I liked them but I also found some poems to be okayish. There was redundancy in some poems while some lacked depth and intensity although their concept was beautiful

Sharing my most favorite poem:


𝘽𝙡a𝙣𝙠 𝙈𝙖𝙥

I was left alone
In the middle of nowhere
With a blank map
Only stamped with the places where
I had shared memories with you




Sign PicsArt_06-06-08.40.54

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