Some things I wanted to say regarding the terrorist attacks in Christchurch

Yesterday, I was at work when I received a message from my sister about a terrorist attack in New Zealand. I hadn’t yet heard the news, so I went on twitter, which seems to sadly be the most reliable source of news these days, and was hit with the cold hard truth. Another white man had gone on a rampage, killing innocent human beings and permanently tearing apart the lives of the victims, their families and friends, and a country that has some of the most beautiful, peaceful people in it.

My first reaction was denial. Sure, Aussies and Kiwis love to give each other a good ribbing, but to me, NZ is our neighbour and has always felt like our super chilled out sibling. I have always felt proud of NZ and their achievements and have always thought of Australia and NZ as a pair. So to see something…

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