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Soul That Lives Within



I am not this hair,
I am not this skin,
I am the soul that lives within.

– Rumi

Have you ever wondered we are not just physical beings?

We cater so much to our physical needs (eating, sleeping, working tirelessly for our careers etc) that we forget there is more to us than what we see with our physical eyes.

We have forgotten the soul that dwels in our physical being.

Soul that is as clear as the light which we have darkened with our sins.

Soul that is as light as the air which we have polluted with our greed and worldly desires.

We work so hard to beautify our skin, hair and personality but weaken our soul by hurting others, with pride and racism. Yet we feel better and at ease with soulful people – People who radiate aura of love, affection and compassion (e.g. loving parents, siblings, best friend, even your pet).

How about we do something for our soul today and become a source of happiness for others. Just for one day for our soul to shake off the dirt of hatred and selfishness from our soul so it can breathe freely.

Hug your parents, tell them you love them. Or best you can do is to help an unknown person. Buy some poor guy a coffee or some food. Donate your old clothes. Listen to someone who is depressed and thinks no one understand them.

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