Candid Thoughts

Buried Alive



Wide awake at night
With shattered heart
I finally decided to make the first move

Dialed your number with trembling fingers
Contemplating all the words
I wanted to say to you
All the hurt and pain
I longed to pour out to you

Anticipation, dread and fear
Clutched my heart
The room grew colder
Suffocating me with anxiety
Listening to the dial tone
I looked at the burning candles on the cake
Melting and dripping like my hot tears


The flickering flame of hope is soon going to die
But you picked up the phone
And softly said, “hello”

My words froze
Voice died
Eyes wept silently
“Who is this?” You asked
“A broken promise,
A lost soul
Fading into the depth of hell

Once bubbling with love
But now epitome of self-hatred
No, I am nothing
No one
But a ruined life
Buried alive in the grave of deceased love”

Dropping the call I instantly regret
Only if I could say this all to you
Only if you could listen the unspoken words

Tears tracing down my cheeks
Like venomous fluid
Leaving a trail of once beautiful memories
Poisoning my very blood and soul

All alone in my room
Blowing out the candles
Between whispered breaths
All I managed to say was
“Happy Birthday, my love.”









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