Candid Thoughts

Reborn: Self-Therapy


When nothing makes you happy
When you get irritated by the very things that once used to bring peace to your mind
When you start to see the true colors of people
When you start to see the ugly and rotten souls of people
When you begin to hate the air that you breathe in
When your tears got frozen in your eyes and distort your vision
When your hearbeat burns your heart like acid and longs to cease

Even when darkness of death appeals to you for its soothing comfort

You have to pick up all your broken and shattered pieces and mend yourself together
You have to accept the bitterness of life and embrace its tests.
Only then you will reborn as a pheonix
To rise high in the skies of happiness
To explore mysterious galaxies of self-worth
Only to discover yourself again; to find your true self.

And love yoursef.

–  Anny The Mystique Reader



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