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Two Wings to Fly


This is my favorite quote by great Sufi poet Rumi. Following are my candid thoughts on this quote:

How many times do we lose hope when we encounter a mishap? We hate ourselves after a breakup. We feel unworthy of love. A betrayal makes us think there is something wrong with us because we trusted the wrong person. We turn blind to the goodness in ourselves and those around us because a single person made us feel horrible.

I know, I know. Mishap may ruin our day. Rejection crushes hopes and betrayal may make you feel like killing yourself but in the long run, if you think, you will realize these things made you only stronger. Mishaps and hardships in our life help us to grow and contribute in making us who we truly are. Betrayal makes you realize the pain it causes and that we should never be the one to hurt others like this. 

Without rejection, we will never be able to value the joy of acceptance.

Without betrayal, we will never know what loyalty is.

Without a hardship, we will never be able to learn our true potential and strength.

So, while you enjoy the good things in life, do appreciate the tough times too for making you better, tougher and stronger. Don’t let your second wing weigh you down. Fly higher!

Do share your interpretation of this quote. Would love to read what you think. PicsArt_05-30-11.44.55-1

4 thoughts on “Two Wings to Fly

  1. I really like how your voice comes out through your writing. There are many people looking for ways to express their writer’s voice, and yet here you do it so easily! Thank you for the content.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with you completely Anny. Hardships build us into stronger, more mature, and wiser beings.

    Very beautiful quote and well written post.


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