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Hello Bookaddicts!

This is my first ever blog post and I am a bit nervous as to what should I say. Let’s start my introducing myself.

I am a lover of books and everything that is colorful and exudes an aura of happiness. I see words as colors and books as kaleidoscope that captivate me. Even after finishing a book, I feel myself trapped and lost in that book reflecting on the thoughts, minds and personalities of the characters. I love discussing theories and characters with my friends.

Quotes! Yes, quotes are one of my most favorite thing. I love reading quotes, noting down quotes in my diary, editing images with my favourite quotes and sharing them with my friends on whatsapp and instagram.

And let’s not forget music. I can listen to a single song on repeat for hours without getting tired of it. Unfortunately, two of most favorite things don’t go together for me. Either I listen to music or read a book. I wish I could enjoy both at the same time. Wouldn’t that be a different level of high, right?

So, you guys will be seeing a lots of reviews, my favourite quotes with my own feelings and reflection about that quote and last but not the least I will be sharing random stuff too. Anything and everything I love! That’s all for now!

2 thoughts on “Hello Bookaddicts!

  1. Oh my gosh I totally agree! Imagine being able to hear music and read? Ugh how I wish I could do that! Unfortunately I am just like a cat and any little thing distracts me! Loved your post💙

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